Our Story

Our story started when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. We are a couple from Sweden and we got stuck in a small guesthouse in Thailand for 6 months during the lockdown. Unable to go home or travel anywhere for that matter, only having our Nintendo Switch as entertainment, we started Switcheries. 

We are both dedicated gamers and love to make our consoles look pretty but found it difficult to find nice products that are in good quality. The sites we've bought from has been messy and badly organized. On top of that, the extremely long delivery to get the product delivered has been awful. 

Switcheries is a modern e-shop for you who loves to decorate your Nintendo Switch. We wanted to share our favorite accessories with the world and created a web store that is easy to navigate. You can sort it by different accessories or by your favorite theme. Read reviews from our customers and chooses from many styles and colors.
We only provide top quality products and offer fast delivery worldwide.