Nintendo Switch accessories (Switcheries)

Favorite Switch accessories and why you should get one

Why Nintendo Switch Accessories

There could be many reasons why you would want to get yourself some accessories to your Nintendo Switch. It could be for visual reasons such as decorating your Switch console with a cute case or a cool sticker, there’s also a lot of different joycon thumb grips you can attach to your controller or a pouch to keep your Switch and Switch belongings in a pretty pocket. 

There are of course a lot of practical reasons as to why you would want to purchase accessories for your Nintendo Switch and all your items you use to play. Electronic devices are famously sensitive to damage of all kinds. Therefore you might wanna protect your console or it’s controller with a protective case and screen protector. 

All our favorite Accessories for Switch

In this blog I will list down all our favorite accessories for Switch. Why you want it for the sake of protecting your console but also how it can improve our gaming experience as well as for the fun of having a case with a little cute Pikachu on it. 

Nintendo Switch console cases

First off we will talk about the cases you can buy for your Switch. It is one of the most popular accessories people get for their Switch. They come in all kinds of colors and are decorated with any kind of theme you can imagine. From your favorite tv-series or game to made up characters and patterns. A Switch case is an excellent thing to get for your console. Not only for the fact that you can change that less interesting classic look of Nintendo Switch to something that suits you and your interests but it also provides protection to the Switch itself. 

There are a few different designs that will each protect your Switch more or less effectively but also affect your gaming capabilities. 

You have the hard case that will protect the console from impact and rougher treatment and then you have the softshell that will only protect it from scratches and lighter water damage. The downside with using a hardshell case is that it is usually more clubsy and takes up more space around the Switch. It can make it more difficult to maneuver the Switch and therefore have a negative impact on your gaming experience. On the other hand, using a softshell case is bendable and flexible. Will have a minimal impact on your gaming experience. They are easy to put on and take off, as well as slimmer and won’t get in your way when hammering those buttons. 

If you have children who play a lot on your Switch, a hard case can be recommended to protect your console. But if nobody in your household is prone to destroy electronics a softshell is definitely a more interesting accessory to acquire.

Thumb grips

Another popular accessory for Nintendo Switch is to have a pair of thumb grips put on your joycon. Precisely like the cases, a thumb grip has both protective purpose and can be applied for decorative and practical reasons. There is a sea of different kinds of thumb grips you can buy, applied with game characters, logos or just in plain colors. A pair of thumb grips is a perfect addon for your Switch when you want to change the look. Match it with your case theme to make it look real smooth. Thumb grip will also protect your joycon from both dirt and grease. They can also enhance your gaming performance by better the grip you’ll get on the joycon. A better grip results in better precision so for instance in a shooter game you might find that it is easier to aim. 

Switch pouch

A pouch to preserve your console in, is also another great accessory to have. When you are not using your Nintendo Switch or perhaps traveling with it, you can keep it safe from damage of all sorts. They are waterproof and won’t let any unwanted danger get too close to the console. Most Nintendo Switch pouches have pockets you can store your games or cables in. Practical product that’s easy to bring and fit everything you need in one small space. Apart from protecting your Switch gears, they also come in a lot of different colors and designs. It completes the look you want to create for your console. Imagine having a case, thumb grip and a pouch to bring, all in one matching set. Won’t get better than that.

Screen protection

Perhaps a less attractive item you should add to your Switch is a protective screen you can apply to the Switch screen. You might think that it impacts negatively on the visuals on the screen but that doesn’t have to be the case. Just make sure you buy screen protectors in high quality and you won’t even notice they are there. It is worth getting one since getting a scratch on your Switch Screen is definitely worse.  

Nintendo Switch controllers

This is an accessory we serious games would want to have. In all honesty, the controllers that come with the Switch aren’t the best suited for all games. Purchasing a pro controller will definitely improve your gaming experience and performance. It is more comfortable and easier to reach all buttons when you play. Even the controller can be found in a variety of different themes and colors. If you want to play like a pro, equip a better controller to your Nintendo Switch set.

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